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“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” (Isaac Newton)
If I have been so lifted, it is only by the strength of my teachers,
graduate students, and research associates. (BAW)

KEY: PD = postdoc, GS = graduate student

Left to right: Dr. Uma Venkateswaran (PD), Lijing Cui (GS),
BAW, Dr. Volia Lemos (visiting Prof.), and Ming Li (GS).

Left to right: Alex Puschin (GS), Bob Tallman (GS), and
Tim Ritter (GS) in the lab.

Alex Puschin (GS) holding the diamond anvil cell.

Open view of two diamond anvil cells (DAC's) used to produce high pressures at room-T & low-T.  The DAC revolutionized high-pressure measurements.  Upper cell was developed by Dr. Gasper Piermarini (BAW's postdoc mentor at NIST) during the early 1970's.

Left to right: Professor Manuel Cardona and BAW.  Prof. Cardona was Dr. Weinstein's Ph.D. thesis advisor. He was an inspiring teacher reputed to know more about semiconductor physics than anyone in the field.

Ruijin Chen (GS) with his wife and son.

Left to right: Joe Tischler (GS) and Tim Ritter (GS) celebrating.


Left to right: Jorge Serrano (visiting GS) and
Tim Ritter (GS) hard at work in the laboratory.

George Lindberg (GS) & his wife Katie lindberg (GS of Prof. Andrea Markelz, BAW's colleague) with BAW & his wife Helen.

Left to right: BAW and his sabbatical host Prof. Alf Adams, FRS, at the Univ. of Surrey, UK.

W. Paul

R. Zallen

M. Cardona

Birthday celebration for Prof. William Paul:  As a postdoc., Paul worked at Harvard with Prof. Percy Bridgman, who is generally regarded as the 'father' of 20th century high-pressure physics and won the Nobel prize for his work.  Several of Paul's former Ph.D. students, including Manuel Cardona (BAW's Ph.D. advisor), and Richard Zallen (another mentor of BAW) are present as well as many other colleagues, friends and family.  Including BAW and his graduate students, the present webpage contains a 4-generation lineage of high-pressure physicists launched by Prof. Bridgman.  (Photo taken by BAW.)

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